Who We Are

Inabata Singapore is the subsidiary of Inabata & Co., Ltd. which established in 1976 as an oldest overseas subsidiary. We sold plastics, chemicals, packaging materials and industrial machines, and expanded its business through business planning, marketing, manufacturing and logistic with its professional knowledge.

Management Philosophy


People come first, based on the spirit of “love (ai)” and “respect (kei)”, and together we strive towards contributing to the development of society.


To continually evolve, serving clients and society, through global operations and meeting their changing needs.

IK Values

  • Ethics

    To cherish integrity and respect for people.

  • Aspiration

    To continually challenge the limits with high ideals, big dreams and great passion.

  • Organization

    To prize dialogue and teamwork, and to treasure professional growth of employees.

  • Role

    To become the best partner of our clients, providing solutions from the clients’ standpoint.

  • Symbiosis

    To grow with people across borders, sharing and respecting diverse values with the aim of co-prosperity.

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