The Inabata Group has developed its plastics compound business throughout Asia since the 1970s and currently operates seven plants in seven countries (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico) with an annual production approximately of 197,800 (as of July 1, 2022).

Having a resin compound plant at main overseas locations and is ready to handle the localization needs of customers and material manufacturers. We are also capable of supporting a smooth transfer of manufacturing facility to a different country, maintaining the same technology and quality management.

We have sale subsidiary in all compound manufacturing branch and our local trading arm with experts on plastics business is there.

In addition to the functions a trading company can provide such as distribution, inventory, information, and business ideas, we are capable of offering meticulous service locally, through close collaboration by processing and trading experts.

Backed by years of experience and knowledge on materials, we are ready to provide technical assistance or speedy solutions to various situations.

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