Chemical & IE

Chemical & IE div is developing a wide range of businesses including chemicals, information and electronics , and life science industries. We provides highly specialized solutions that cover a wide range of activities , from supplying raw and processing materials to manufacturing products. Our extensive global network enables us to source optimum materials. We have been extending our services to our valuable customer’s through our reliable service such as Just In Time delivery, VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) which will benefit our customers not only reducing their business capital but also to ensure uninterrupted supply chain. We will continue to expand our services for our customers to reach the maximum potential benefits.

We understand that each customer’s business is unique and has its own characteristics, and our goal is to serve as a solution provider to resolve the problems faced by our customers, and to become the best partner providing solutions based on customers standpoint.

Handling Items

Inkjet ingredients: Dyes, Pigments, Solvents,
Various additives

Renewable energy materials : Conductive silver
paste, Encapsulant sheet, Solar module for
Photovoltaic, PKS for biomass

Semiconductor and electronics peripheral
components :
Epoxy resin, Silica, Hardener, additives

Paint, ink and paper industries : Anti-foaming
agents, OIL repellent, Dispersion material, Additive,
Flame retardants,Display parts for automobiles

Pharmaceutical and food industry :
Pharmaceutical substances and intermediates,
Viscosity modifier for food

FPD (LCD, LED industries): Epoxy encapsulant resin

Our Sales Network

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India